St. Petersburg!

Hello from Saint Petersburg!

We made it in the night train between Sunday and Monday, very smoothly. It’s aparently the cheapest (~60€), fastest (7h, overnight so you sleep the whole time), and most confortable way (you get a little breakfast, bathroom, coffee or tea in the morning, with very good service and the bed is confortable & quiet)

Anyway we spend the monday visiting a bunch of churches (Cathedral of the Savior of the Spilled Blood and the Kazan Cathedral) and wandered around the city, checking out the canals and the Cream-cake looking architecture.
I also met my mom there! (that no-one cares)


Звёздный Городо́к – Star City

Day Two

We had the awesome opportunity to visit the Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center in Star City, about 1 hours + away east of Moscow.
Star City is a former soviet secret military complex where all the former and current cosmonauts!

Training modules, Simulators, Neutral Buoyancy pool, Centrifuge… And I even got time to stop by the space shop to buy space souvenirs 🙂

Credits for pics go to my fellow traveler Vadim.

We met french astronaut Thomas Pesquet there.
On our way back we had a chance to chat with Cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko on his way back home in the train (pretty casual for a cosmonaut who flies to space in a couple of months!)

Big thanks to Anna T. who works for ESA, in Star City, and gave us the translation of the tour, although she was on vacation…

First day in Russia

We did make it through sweat and suffer: We’re in Moscow!

We barely slept in the plane, arrived at 5am today, toured around for 6 or 7 hours, had Borsch, Pelmenis, checked in our room, realised that it was a 5 star shithole (in my top-3 worst hostel of the world: the only two bathrooms are a mess and are over-used, the room in terrible, staff is lost…), had a nap, went out some more, had some fancy dinner and went to sleep. Hurray!

Credits for the pictures go to Vadim Bernard

Now, tomorrow we’re going to Star f*cking City! Home of the Russian Cosmonauts! We’ve got an invitation from ESA and we should be gettina visit the training facilities, inside a military base inside an entire town of engineers… We’re pretty excited 😉

Россия, Comrades!


Moscow & St. Petersburg

Time for borsch & babuschka, I’m going tonight to Russia for 10 days with a friend of mine, Comrad Professor Vadim! We’re staying half the time in Moscow and the other half in St.Petersburg (we take the night train to connect both).

Check back for communist stories & pictures !

Have some cliché’s before I go 😉

Merry Chirstmas?
Merry Chirstmas?


EAC Training Hall
EAC Training Hall

Deux mois – Achète clone pas cher.

Ok, bon je croule sous le boulot, je me suis fracturé un orteil en faisant ma lessive, le Carnaval de Cologne vient de me passer sous le nez, et ce blog prend la poussière !

Le Language des Astronautes!

Je suis passé de de 5  à 8 projets en parallele, plus différents sous-projets, et tous partent dans tout les sens. Donc je commence à larguer ceux que je sens pas!
J’ai pris la charge d’une procédure pour demander la collaboration de l’astronaute Alex Gerst lors de son expédition sur l’ISS en Mai, afin qu’il prenne les photos dont j’ai besoin pour une installation numérique que je suis en train de developper

J’ai rendez-vous le 17 Mars pour collaborer en tant que sujet expérimental à une manip sur plusieurs mois (rémunéré) avec le Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR, le CNES allemand), sur les problèmes oculaires liés à la pression intracranienne

Pour mon mémoire à Paris XI je lis en ce moment Les Neurones de la Lecture de Stan Dehaeme, pour creuser un peu au niveau sciences cognitive du système visuel et ça se lit vraiment facilement, donc je recommande vivement, dans l’éventualité que des graphistes/typographes passe dans le coin 😉 (et s’exclame “Diable!  Toutes ces fautes typos sur ton Blog!”)

PS: Je sais, des photos! Bientôt!